Your Career, Our Future Together

At IKPP (Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper), we believe in two things, namely that a sustainable future can only be achieved together, and great companies are born thanks to the great people in them. As an IKPP employee, you will get many opportunities to improve your skills, develop your career, and contribute to achieving noble goals.

We understand that employee success is the key to business success. This strong commitment to this has driven us to keep moving forward, from a humble business in 1972 to one of the leading pulp and paper producers in the global market.

As part of IKPP, you are expected to prioritize customer satisfaction, be result-oriented, and continuously hold firm commitments to improve your quality. IKPP provides a warm working environment, complete with employee development programs that help you overcome work challenges.

Dedicating our time and resources to finding talented individuals is our passion, and you could be one of them. Let's join and grow together to achieve a better future.

Be Part of a Better Future

If you want to have a career in a company that cares about your development as an individual and your survival on this earth, then immediately join us. Let's explore the options available below and get ready to collaborate and innovate to create a better and worthy future for all of us.