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null Four APP Sinar Mas' Business Units won Indonesia Green Awards by consistently applying Green Industry Principles

Four APP Sinar Mas' Business Units won Indonesia Green Awards by consistently applying Green Industry Principles

Jakarta, 21 March 2022 – Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas' commitment to implementing sustainable business practices has won awards for 4 of its business units at the Indonesia Green Awards 2022.

This year, APP Sinar Mas won the 2022 Indonesia Green Awards through its four business units. PT OKI Pulp & Paper Mills for the Water Resources Savings category, PT Tjiwi Kimia Tbk's Paper Mill for the Pioneering Pollution Prevention category, PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk, and PT Wirakarya Sakti for the category of Integrated Waste Management Development.

“We are always committed and strive to impact the environment and society positively. The success of various APP Sinar Mas initiatives cannot be separated from the participation of the communities around our operational areas," said Sera Noviany, Head of Sustainability Compliance at APP Sinar Mas.

APP Sinar Mas realizes its commitment through several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in its operational areas. One of them is to invite the community to optimize the benefits of factory waste. Through the empowerment program of PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk Serang, utilizing waste from the Paper Rope Machine as a complementary material for woven bamboo crafts has empowered and increased women's income in Tegal Maja Village, Kragilan.


Meanwhile, several villages assisted by PT Wirakarya Sakti in Jambi through their partnership with BUMDes, Dataran Kempas Village, Tebing Tinggi managed to utilize waste from cow fronds, goats, and palm leaves into compost. The monthly income from this activity reaches billions of Rupiah.

For the Water Resources Rescue category, which was won by PT OKI Pulp & Paper Mills in South Sumatra, they successfully processed peat water into ready-to-drink water for residents in 21 assisted villages, using reverse osmosis. Through this program, residents can save up to 50% of the cost of buying drinking water, whereas previously, residents bought drinking water delivered from the nearby city, Palembang.

The Pollution Prevention Pioneering category award received by PT Kertas Tjiwi Kimia Tbk in East Java by utilizing coal waste (Fly Ash and Bottom Ash/FABA) into paving blocks to build school infrastructure facilities, village roads, mosques, orphanages since 2014.

APP Sinar Mas continues to consistently apply the principles of the Green Industry, from the forestry unit (upstream) to the factory (downstream). One of them is shown through the Indonesia Green Awards. Starting in 2018, APP Sinar Mas has consistently won the Indonesia Green Awards for various categories.

Through various programs, APP Sinar Mas continues to innovate and contribute to society and environmental preservation in Indonesia. "We are very aware that building trust from customers, communities, government, and other stakeholders is an important step to achieve a sustainable business," said Sera.

The Indonesia Green Award 2022 seeks to support the government's efforts in realizing a greener, environmentally friendly, and sustainable economic recovery.

The judging team for the Indonesia Green Awards 2022 consists of La Tofi, Chair of The La Tofi School of CSR, Prof Ibnu Hamad, Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Indonesia, Agus Suharyono, Deputy for Social and Environmental Responsibility at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.  Jo Kumala Dewi, Director of Social Partnerships at the Ministry of Environment. Life and Forestry, and Hezbollah Arief, Director of Hijauku.com.


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