We invest in people

Here in IKPP, we believe that high-quality training is fundamental for the best of success for both our people and our business. Our ability to adapt to new business challenges is strongly linked to the capability of our people in developing their competency. Training does not take place only in the first year, but will be a continuous experience throughout your career.

Nationwide Network of Learning Opportunities

A key part of our commitment to develop our people is our nationwide network of learning centers. IKPP, as a part of Asia Pulp & Paper, has many paper mills with recurring cross-sharing and cross-learning-activities. Besides acquiring specific technical competencies, course attending also brings important social and networking benefits to each attendee.

Annual Training and Development

Throughout your career with IKPP, you will receive many mandatory training both in soft and technical skills. Our training includes: classroom, self-training using the latest interactive on-line technology, on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring. No matter what the method is, the critical factors would be your willingness and ability to learn.

Individual Development Program

Through Individual Development Program, each employee can see their own trainings specifically designed for their line of work. These include both past trainings that have been undergone and future ones to be received.

Internal Technical Certification

We do our best to develop job specific technical competencies through our certified trainings in all job areas, and clear technical path for each area of business.